I went to go see Warhorse in London in January. Every year in early December, the theatre's release tickets for the first six weeks of the year at a discount (it is probably their slowest time of year). You get these through Get into London Theatre. It is worth it to sign up for their newsletter so you know when the sale is on.So it is then when Jane also seems to get theatre tickets from me for Christmas, quite handy isn't it!

Anyway, Jane had said she had wanted to see Warhorse but missed it when it toured. I got us 4th row tickets and I was excited!

It is based on the book and movie of Warhorse. The story follows Albert and his horse, Joey, before World War 1. Joey is sent to help the men on the frontline but Albert is too young to go with him. Albert can't forget about him and goes to find him and bring him home.

The use of the puppets is fantastic, they have all the movements down for the animals, you forget they are not real. Some people cried but it does have sad parts. The battle scenes may upset young children so I would check with the theatre if you are going to take them with you.

Before the show we had a meal at Bhatti which was right around the corner, very nice and reasonably priced.

All the Best!

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