Downtown Abbey

With a free months trial via Netflix, I was able to catch up while on my break for Christmas (my work closes down from Christmas to New Years :).

Why I like it and think it is worth any American to watch it:

  1. I like that the mom (Lady Grantham) is American. This is true because many British married rich Americans because although they had the titles and the manor houses, they did not have the money to maintain these properties and the lifestyles.
  2. It takes you through the history which many people may not be aware of. Such as the women's right to vote (Emily Pankhurst who was trampled under the King's race horse while protesting for women's rights.) Downtown Abbey being used for the war effort, many estates were used for several functions then.
  3. It reflects both the upper and lower classes and how life was for them.
  4. The family is likeable, they treat their servants well and that makes you like them more. They aren't perfect and that made me like them even more.
  5. It made me laugh.
Otherwise, I suggest if you like Britain, history and drama, Downton Abbey is a must! Too bad this season/series is the last one!

All the Best!

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