Shepwreth Wildlife Park

My husband and I had to use up our Tescos Clubcard vouchers and thought that we could go to Shepwreth Wildlife Park. I have been to Linton Zoo before and have to preface it with the fact that these are not really zoos so if you are thinking it will be like a huge city zoo, you will be greatly dissappointed. However I think that both of these are great for really young children (the kind that you really don't want to spend a lot of money to see animals because they are too young to remember). 

This place has a bug city, fish, various anumals (tigers, lemurs, owls and otters), a cafe, a playground and train.

When we went it was a lovely sunny day. I told my husband I could imagine mommies coming out here for the day, having a natter (chat) and eating lunch her.

It was very busy when we came here but it was the first sunny day of the year!

More pictures here.

All the Best!

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