I always forget to write about these things and then I giggle when the Facebook groups start to get multiple posts about spiders and what to do with them.

These house spiders are huge! But the good thing they are not harmful.

They become noticeable when we have had a lot of rain or in the autumn when it is mating season.

The best thing to do is either kill them or get them in a glass and release them away from the home, otherwise they will make their way back in. I am lucky to have a cat that will eat them when Mr B is not around to take them out. If the cat can't be bothered, my dog is the backup.

I thought I would just write this post to let you know, these are out there. When I first moved here, I found one in my cupboard and so I left it as my husband , then boyfriend, was coming over so I was going to as him to remove it. When he got there, I showed it to him and it turned out it was dead!

So do not watch Arconophobia before you get here! :)
That is next to an 1p

All the Best!

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