Cloth Diapers Without a Dryer

I think several times I have alluded to the fact that I am a bit of a greenie, not too much so when we became pregnant, I was convinced that I wanted to cloth diaper. Mr B was another story! We had our areas of things that we felt more passionate about so we kind of left the other to it. Lucky for me Mr B really did not have much of a preference either way so left me to it!

Why cloth diaper? Babies go through on average 5,000 diapers until they are potty trained so that is a lot of extra waste that they create. Asking around, cloth diapering was quite common over here in 1970-1980s but as life changes more people used disposable.

I also like to save money when and if I can so cloth diapers really appealed to me. Yes it is more expensive in the beginning BUT on average people can save £500 or more depending upon how many they get.  I probably got more than I needed but my MIL convinced me I needed loads! Best bet, get a starter kit and go from there.

They also say that a child who is cloth diapered will potty train earlier as the wetness is not whisked away from the skin as in disposable ones and they are heavier so the child is aware of what it has done. They are also said to have less skin issues but probably because they are changed more often.

I don't have access to order things from the US so I got all my cloth diapers from Kiddicare. I choose the Bambino Mio brand because I  wanted the all in one. I also wanted a cloth diaper that was from birth to potty and I liked the starter kits that they had. I bought two starter kits because of my MIL. But I have all that I will need.They generally say that you need around 24 but I have 30. Oh well.

As in the title you will see that I do not have a dryer. I know a lot of people think that I am crazy and wonder how I survive but it is do able. It just take some planning ahead.

If you want to give it a go but not sure if you are ready to fully commit, check out cloth diapering groups in your area. Sometimes they will let you try them out before you go out and buy them. Also talking to people that have done it is very helpful. In my case, many of the women I know did cloth diaper (things have changed since then but they were happy to hear I was considering it).

All the Best!

American to Britain