Pass the Parcel

I am not sure if this game is played in the US but I have never seen it before. We often play this game at brownies when we are having parties.

You take the prize and wrap it in gift wrapping paper or something different so you know its the last layer (I always forget this step so we never know the how many more to go).

Then you wrap the prize in layers with forfeits (some sort of  action they have to do, pull a silly face, do 5 jumping jacks, etc). I also like to put a sweet in with it. Its a good idea to do a layer of forfeits for all the people at the party but expect the parcel to get huge! We have 24 brownies so you can imagine how big it gets and how hard it is to think of forfeits.

Then at the party, you get the guests to sit in a circle. You play music while they pass the parcel around. When the music is paused the person who has the parcel in their hands gets to open it. If they have already opened it, it is passed onto the next person who has not opened it.

Fun game!

All the Best!

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