Sandham Memorial Chapel

If you are a National Trust member and visiting Highclere Castle (Downtown Abbey) I highly recommend that you also go to visit Sandham Memorial Chapel. Jane and I went here and at first when we were walking up to the site that it might be a waste of our time, but when we learned about the history of the building, its intention and went inside the chapel, I was completely taken by surprise.

It is a memorial to the men that served during WW1. The paintings in the chapel are by Sir Stanley Spencer. Sir Spencer is one of the greatest British painters of the 20th century. His style of painting is known as post-impressionist.

Sir Spencer's painted the scenes in this chapel based off of his experience as a medical orderly during WW1.

Stanley was an official painter during WW2.

It is really worth a stop if you are in the area.

All the Best!

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