Saving money at the Theatre

If you like to go to the theatre like I do, it can get expensive so here are some tips that I use:
  • Sit in restricted seating. At the Cambridge Arts Theatre, there are 3 seats on each side of the upper circle that are cheaper , I always get these seats and move if it is not crowded that night.
  • If you can buy a pass, go for it. At the Shakespeare Festival in Cambridge, they allow you to buy a 3 or 6 play pass. This means you can go without booking a day, so if it is raining, then you can go another day since they are outside. Works out cheaper per play!
  • I got a good deal to go see Wicked in London from Get into London Theatre in February.
  • In London you can get half-price last minute tickets at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square from 10 am on the day you want tickets. The earlier you get there the better the seats!
  • I work fulltime so I can't do this but you can go to the earlier shows and the tickets are often less.
  • If you go to London by the train, you can get 2 for 1 tickets.
  • Go to the theatre on the day and see if they have any going for a discounted rate.
  • You should use smaller theatres. Often there are traveling groups so you can see the same play at the Theatre Royale in Bury St Edmunds for less than at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. It doesn't make sense for me all of the time because I cycle into town but if you are driving it might be worth it!
  • If you just like going to the theatre, there are some amateur dramatic groups you can go see locally:
I hope you find these ideas help you go to a show!

All the Best!

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