Bouddica Way

Jane and I decided we would walk Bouddica Way (Diss to Norwich) as we had not walked any challenges this year and we had heard about this one from our friend Joyce.

It is 36 miles which we split over two days. We walked Diss to Norwich but you can of course do it the other way. My personal opinion when/if I do this again, I would park at Diss (not at the rail station but on the road before the rail parking- you can park for free and easy access to the train). Then I would take the train to Norwich which is only 17 minutes. Then I would walk from Norwich to Diss. The reason why I would do this is because you walk outside of the busy city and into inspiring countryside. The Diss end has a lot of churches and is more picturesque.

Make sure you download the maps both the general walk one and an ordnance one because in some places it is not clearly marked so we did go off track a couple of times.

We stayed at the Barn Lodge in Tasburgh. It was really nicely located and the lady running the place was really nice and served a great breakfast in the morning. She also booked us in at The Countryman for dinner and it was amazing!

Dusty, my dog, came with us. The B&B we stayed allowed well-behaved dogs. Dusty was also allowed to ride the train for free.  So if your dog is fit and young, I would say it is okay to take yours with you.

This was a great walk and I would do it again.

Check out some of my photos here.

All the Best!

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