How to fit in clothing wise

Its very funny but I can spot an American from a mile away. So I thought I would tell you why (plus someone asked me to). I have asked many British people what they think make Americans stand out. I also have to be very polite here because it isn't always a nice way of putting the differences.
  • Baggy jeans
  • Light colored jeans 
  • Flip flops with jeans
  • Sunglasses on head (you will be hassled by the punters in Cambridge if you have them on your head.)
  • Women wearing running shoes- not shoes like converse etc (UK women only wear running shoes when they are running).
  • Baseball hats
  • Sports team jerseys
  • British dress up for going out even to the shop- This is funny because I was telling my mom this and she knows an English person who did the same thing. There is a culture to look presentable at all times. So people even going to the culture.
  • The European women wear scarves, so get one or two to add your wardrobe. 
During my research I found this article which was helpful and very true!

All the Best!

American to Britain