Signs you have lived in England too long

I have seen this on other blogs and thought I would do my own! I got help from my friends in an expat groups :)

  1. You don't know whether to pronounce the H in "herb" and which country says it which way!
  2. You know where to find the eggs in the grocery store without thinking.
  3. You say sorry when someone runs into you.
  4. You have submitted to the art of queuing.
  5. You complain when it is hot out.
  6. Your friends and family say "you sound English!"
  7. You ignore the rain if you are bbqing.
  8. You head to the park for a picnic when the sun is out.
  9. American versions of food taste sweet.
  10. Can't remember the American word for the English one you used.
  11. You like roundabouts!
  12. When you go home and realise that you need a car to go anywhere.
  13. You don't blink an eye when your drink does not come with any ice or free refills.
  14. You prefer bacon here over the streaky crispy one you get at home.
  15. You stop driving around the carpark to search for the parking spot closest to the door.
  16. You use public transportation as your daily commute.
  17. You have taken to cycling to work!
  18. You automatically have reusable bags at the ready for your shopping.
  19. You have been able to adjust to the shopping hours and get things done when you need to and when the shops are open.
All the Best!

American to Britain