Travel Around England By Train

I travel by train to London often because I live in Cambridge and it is quite convenient. I can read or work on something and I don't have to worry about parking. However I know that it can be daunting on booking yourself to go places and knowing how to save money whilst traveling by travel. I personally use Google Maps because it tells me all the options of how to get to where I am going. I suggest you put in the destination address, there is no need to know the station as it will even provide you with walking details as well. Also I can compare if it is better to drive or take a bus.

Some ways to save money on your trips:
  •  First off, if you are traveling in a group of 3-4 people you can travel by groupsave which means you only pay for 2 tickets.  
  • Also if you are a family, you could look into the family and friends railcard. You pay from 1-3 years and it should save you about 60% on your tickets. Check out the website for more details.
  • Now there is a railcard for couples
  • There is a railcars for 16-25 year olds as well.
  •  If in doubt, you can go to window when you are going and speak with the attendants, they will be able to guide you to the cheapest way to travel. 
  • Book 10-12 weeks in advance, they put up their schedule then and that is when the cheapest tickets are available.
  • Book early tickets last minute. This means you can book advance tickets the night before and still save money.
  • Remember you can claim back money if your train is delayed. My dad when to Scotland and his train was delayed and he was reimbursed his entire trip.
  • Split ticketing (see video)
  • Travel out of peak hours (usually before 10 am and 5-7 pm).
  • Only pay for the portion of your travel that is in the peak times.
  • Use Megabus, the destinations might be limited based on your starting point but very affordable!
To get some ideas of where to go, check out this travel guide.

All the Best!

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