Castle Hill

I had not been to see Castle Hill even though I have lived in Cambridge for a few years. There were tourists always coming into Sweaty Betty when I worked there and asking directions to it. One day Dusty and I were out for a walk and so I thought I would go see what it is all about.

The people who lived here before the Romans lived in this area but the Romans made it a town. It was the Normans that built the castle here but there are no longer any remains. The hill is located next to Shire Hall which is the home of the Cambridge County Council.
Even though there is not a lot to see at the hill, the view from the hill is breathtaking. You can see all over Cambridge and while its only a block or two from the main traffic areas, it is quite serene.It is also the highest point of Cambridge.

I wouldn't travel just to Cambridge to see this, but I would make it part of a day out to Cambridge. It gives you a great view of the beautiful sights that Cambridge holds.

All the Best!

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