Girl Guiding in the UK

Girl Guiding Centenary
I am a 2nd Milton Brownie Leader in Cambridge since 2006. I joined the Brownies because I was looking for some volunteer work (since the Air Force wants you to volunteer, I thought I would do something I would enjoy). It turned out the women from the sailing club were part of a brownie group and needed some help. I am also a rainbow leader (ages 5-7) in my village.

I really enjoy helping the girls improve in their confidence and watching them grow. It is a boy free zone where they can be secure in who they are. I cannot wait to have children and get them involved with a group such as this. The women I work with are my friends and I have been involved with so many great events that would have never happened if I hadn't been in search of volunteer work. We do crafts, take trips and have parties. We do not sell the traditional American Girl Scout cookies here.

Every year we celebrate Thinking Day for the creation of Girl Guiding. Lord Robert Baden-Powell was starting up scouts in 1907 for boys and girls showed up to the First Boy Scout Rally in 1909 wanting to join too. He put his sister, Lady Agnes Baden-Powell, in charge of The Girl Guides Association in 1910 and the rest is history. There are now Girl Guides and Girls Scouts in over 145 countries in the world (the American Girl Scouts are a spawn from the British version).

If you have a daughter I would suggest you have her join a local girl guiding group (please be aware that there are waiting lists because it is so popular). It will be beneficial for the culture and the confidence she will receive. If you are looking for a local group, contact the Girls Guiding Anglia and they can point you in the right direction.

The scouts over here do allow girls so if you think she might prefer that atmosphere, contact them.

All the Best!

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