Mail in the England is a bit different then what you see in the States.  The mail boxes are red and are either a free standing receptacles or in the wall. Mail is addressed as follows:

First address line (or house number and name)
Second address line
Post Code (Zip Code)

There are no return addresses on letters but stamps are placed in the same location. Mail is generally delivered through the mail slot on your front door. If you receive a package while you are out, they will leave a note for you to pick it up or where they have dropped it off (at  neighbor’s house).

The Post Offices are closed on bank holidays and Sundays and may have limited hours on Saturdays. You can find out where your local post office is and what their hours and services are here.

The Post Office does a range of services outside of delivering mail. They include exchanging money (commission free), insurance, broadband and phone packages, and pay your road tax. They also offer a travel money card that you can load money (pounds, euros or dollars) on in case your card is lost or stolen, it is not attached to your other accounts. For more information, go to

Recently my postman said that there are Americans that live a few streets over and they have left envelopes hanging out their mailslot for collection. I am sure I probably would have done the same thing but FYI you put them in the red boxes, they are not collected from your house like in the US.
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