Traditional gifts for babies

The more I go through life, the more I find there are more differences than similarities between English and American cultures. We speak the same language though (kind of).

The English do not have baby showers for the first thing. They kind of view the baby showers to be a materialistic event to get gifts out of people.They also have superstitions on things like it is bad luck to bring a pram/stroller in the house before a baby is born. They usually have a party when the baby is christened to celebrate the birth.

Here are some traditional baby gifts that you would find English people will give:
  • Baby rattles- might be silver
  • Silver feeding set
  • Baby jewelry
  • Keepsake boxes
  • Albums or frames
  • Gifts for the baby not to take care of the baby. 
They might have a things called 'wetting the baby's head' which is like when a father lights cigars when the baby is born. Its when the father goes for drinks to celebrate.

All the Best!

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