Burwell Museum

I was very lucky to be invited to a press event at the Burwell Museum. I had heard about the museum from my brownies who visited it with their school and raved about it.

I think local museums are often overlooked when coming up with things to do which is a shame because they will show you the local social history that you often don't get at the larger formal museums. It also gives you an insight to the history of the people and the area that you are living in.

This museum is run by volunteers which is very evident how much they really care about this place and making sure the history is well-known. The volunteers are very friendly and happy to answer any questions that you may have.

I could instantly see why the Brownies raved about this museum when they were going to visit. It is a very child friendly place. Having spent time around Jane's grandson, I am beginning to understand what may interest them in a way I couldn't before. While they do like to look at things, they love to be able to touch things even more!

The Burwell Museum has a bit of both, look and touch. They have cleverly put out green handprints to let the children know when they can touch things and when not to. The displays are small which holds their attention just long enough. I particularly thought that the upper gallery was cleverly put together.

The museum also shows how the war affected the local people with a great display including a bomb shelter people used to have in their gardens. This is what brought the American bases here and I think sometimes we forget that.

My favourite thing at the museum is the windmill. It was built in 1820 but it is in fact the restoration by the volunteers that is more impressive than the windmill itself. You are able to limb to the top. Also you can hand grind some flour. There is a great video which tells you how it came to be and how it was saved. One thing that was very interesting is that the windmills are black because they are covered in tar because the materials below it disintegrate when it comes into contact with rain.

The admission prices are affordable and they don't mind if you bring a picnic which makes it a great day out on a budget. Also it is not too far of a drive so a great option when you haven't put much together but want to get out of the house.

They have loads of events being held there, check out more here.

Look for the brown museum parking signs and the museum is at the back of the parking lot. Head towards the windmill.

All the Best!

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