Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

I am not usually a lover of gardens, whilst I can appreciate a great looking garden, I am not so interested in the different plants as such. My mom is a lover of the one back home especially since they had a Chihuly display there. We went to the Blossoms of Light show when we were home.

Bug and I went to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens on Leap Day because it was free and I wanted to have a look around. It was very busy that day and the sun was out. So we had a good time. Plus the snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells were out. They also had an Orchid Festival on. I can appreciate beautiful flowers!

Cambridge University Botanical Gardens opened in 1846 and is a heritage listed garden. They have over 8,000 plant species spread over 40 acres. It has different plants that are out at different times so worth coming throughout the year especially if you are a keen gardener.

They have a cafe and a picnic area. So you can either buy lunch here or bring yours with you.

Since it is a garden, children are asked to be kept under close supervision. They ask that you stick to the paths, don't climb the trees and don't pick any plants. So I think if you have a child that can't follow these rules, perhaps this is not the place to take them to. But they can run ahead as long as they don't go on the grass. They do have backpacks with activities in them to keep them interested and you can pick specific trails to follow which I think that they like.

The first Saturday of the month they have events for little ones to take part in. See what other events are on here.

All the Best!

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