Felbrigg Hall

We tied Felbrigg Hall in with going to Horsey Beach because neither of them are a full day out unless you are going to walk the trails surrounding the property. Also it is very North in Norfolk so wanted to make the most of it while we were in the area.

It is a National Trust property so members can enter and park for free. This house was built in 1620 and many of the features from this time remain except when they remodelled it in the 1750s. The work done on this house is quite impressive. Nearly all of the rooms have beautifully decorated plaster ceilings most which are original. The woodwork like the lion above is also breathtaking. The story about the lion above is that the artist had never seen a lion before so was only able to go see a rug from a lion's skin so that is why it doesn't look quite like the real thing.

They have a great quiz book for children to look for and answer questions to keep them engaged. Also there are red baskets with items that they can touch which makes their visit more fun.

Its a beautiful property and great if you are in the local area. Pack a picnic and head out!

All the Best!

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