Workingman or Social Clubs

Something else that doesn't seem to exist in the States as far as I know are workingmen clubs. Jane's husband, Bugsy, belongs to the Cheveley Road Club and goes there a few times a week. Jon and I spent our New Year at the local one that he belonged to before we got together.

Working men club or social clubs were built in the 19th century. I am so surprised about how big they are and how much they mean to people. They have pool, billiards, darts and other things to do. They generally have bars and drinks there are cheaper than if you went to a local pub. They are family friendly which my husband has told me is the idea of a place like this and women are allowed. They also have social events such as parties, bingo, raffles and much more. Because they are a social club they have a committee that plans the events and how to run the club just as you would any other club.

After reading Call the Midwife, I have come to understand that this was also a place for respite for men. Their work was very hard and they often worked 12 hour days and home was the woman's domain and was often filled with children. This was a place where he felt he belonged.

If you are looking for a club to join but not looking for a sporting club, this might be a nice way to get into the local community.

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