Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a property out in a village called Woodstock outside of Oxford. It is the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

I got tickets for the family through the Tescos clubcard program to get into this property so that we could take a trip to visit our extended family (through my husband's family).  We were very lucky because our family/friend worked here as a tour guide for 22 years.

Blenheim Palace was bequeathed to The 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill after the successful Battle of Blenheim from Queen Anne. The Battle of Blenheim was the turning point of the War of the Spanish Succession where Churchill supported the Hungarian Emperor Leopold.

Sir Winston Churchill, who became knighted in his own right and related to the Spencer family (as in Princess Diana Spencer Windsor), was born in Blenheim Palace. He was born a few weeks early, his mother, American heiress Jennie Jerome was visiting the palace and went into labour six weeks early. Winston Churchill was born in the room where the 1st Duke of Marlborough's domestic chaplain would stay.

They have an excellent exhibition about Churchill, including his honourary US citizenship granted by JFK.

His mother was supposed to the most lively women of her time and had a snake tattoo on her left wrist. She was also an opponent of the Women's Suffrage.

It is a beautiful building constructed in 1704. The property has lovely gardens and great paintings. It is set up very nicely as it takes you through the drawing rooms, the Saloon and then the Long Library.

I am not sure that it is worth the drive just to see this property unless you a huge Winston Churchill fan as there are so many in the East Anglian area but if you are out that way do stop by.

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