The Big Questions

Every Sunday Mr B and I watch the political shows on BBC 1. One of my favorite ones is The Big Questions.  It is a hour long show that moves around the country covering three topics which generally cover something that has happened over the week.

The Big Questions is hosted by Nicky Campbell, who also is one of the hosts 5 Live Breakfast on Radio 5 Live. I hadn't made a connection that he was the same person until I was tell Mr B that I liked that a man had the name Nicky and I liked his voice.

On the The Big Questions they often say where they are going to be next and you are able to apply to be in the audience. It is totally free. They also have a panel of a variety of 'experts' to cover the topics that will be discussed. These people are generally from the local area.

When I heard that they were coming to Cambridge, I asked Mr B if I could apply to be in the audience. He said that I could if I promised not to speak, ha! I was very excited to be asked to be in the audience.

It is very different than watching it on the television. For one thing, you are careful of the points you want to say because the whole country is watching!

I was happy I did this and I would do it again if they came here again.

All the Best!

American to Britain