Melford Hall

Melford Hall is a National Trust Property in the village of Long Melford.

I had intended in visiting this property the same day I visited Kentwell Hall but life got in the way and I only had time for one.

A day could be well spent in Long Melford by visiting Kentwell Hall (give it a half day), Melford Hall (1-2 hours) and then a stroll or lunch in Long Melford.

I think that Melford Hall is often overlooked as far as National Trust properties go in the local area. I found the historic context very interesting.

Sir Harry Parker, 6th Baronet, was the person who Melford Hall's story began with. His brother, Sir Hyde Parker II, earned his knighthood for his part in the Hudson River campaign in the War of Independence.

Sir Parker was disobeyed by Capt Horatio Nelson, the guy on the top of the column in Traflagar Square. There was a campaign against Copenhagen. Sir Parker had raised the flag to give the order to abandon the mission but Nelson put the telescope to his blind eye and said that he could not see the order. Nelson won against the Dutch.

During World War II, the property was commandeered by the army and the family moved to a house across the green.

Beatrice Potter was a regular visitor to the property because she was the cousin of the baronet. She would try her stories on the children. You can see the real Jemima Puddle-Duck and see the room she stayed in.

There have been royal visitors as well, Queen Elizabeth I, Edward and Alexandria, Queen Mary and Princess Margaret have all come the visit at one time or another.

Melford Hall has a tea room and space to sit outside when the weather is lovely.

They have story bags which you can sit out on the lawn and read a book. The nursery has items that you can really play with. There are also quizzes for children to look for particular items on their visit.

Bug and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

See my pictures here.

All the Best!

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