National Trust vs English Heritage

The question often arises in the Facebook groups, "which one is better National Trust or English Heritage?" followed by "Is it worth it?"

I will answer the second question first. It is only worth it if you use it. So if you think you are the type to look into visiting a place and then seeing what properties are in the area and will be traveling (not wish to, but will), then yes it is worth it. If you are unlikely to got out every often because you have other commitments, then no. But no one else can tell you if it is worth it.

Now the first question. It depends on what you like. National Trust has more stately houses, gardens and tearooms. National Trust also have some nature reserves. English Heritage has more ruins. Both have events at various locations. In general, there are more National Trust properties in the local area than English Heritage.

Many places are starting to have playgrounds for children as well.

I often suggest to people to spread the costs of membership, buy one one year and the other another.

If you want to save money on a membership, make sure to search for a promo code. I have seen up to 25% off!

I often use my Tescos club card points to get my English Heritage membership. Its a better deal than using it on shopping!

All the Best!

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