Getting your UK Driving License

Those that are associated with the bases fall under the rules of USAFE, but the rest of us Americans fall under the laws of the UK. You are able to drive on your US driving license for 12 months, after that you must get a UK driving license. It is not easy or cheap but personally I feel that it has made me a better driver, although I am not sure that Mr B would agree!

First you need to apply for the provisional license. This is like your driver's permit. You can only drive with someone who has their full UK driving license for more than 3 years and is over the age of 21. If you are a spouse from the base, you cannot have your husband/wife be the person because their 3rd Air Force license does not count. You cannot drive on the motorway with this. You can apply online or at the post office for the provisional license.

There are two portions to the drivers license, the theory and practical.

The theory is the written portion of the test. You can get the Highway Code fro your local library to study. This has to be taken and passed before you can book the practical portion. The theory test is broken down into two sections, multiple choice and hazard perception. You book the test online.

The practical test cannot be taken until you have passed the theory test. This is where they gauge your ability to drive. I took lessons  with Taylor's Driving to ensure that I passed my test. Your driving instructor will be able to tell you how many driving lessons that they think you need. Generally you can expect not to be able to test within 6 weeks as these slots are precious!

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