We joined my in-laws in their yearly trip to Cornwall. It is a little joke in the UK, that some people go to the same places every year and my in-laws are part of that crowd. They do Cornwall in late June and the Lake District in October. As far as I know, they stay in the same places and do the same things every year. I guess there is comfort in familiarity.

I thought it would be nice to join them because of the new arrival of Bug to the family. So this wasn't a holiday that I really planned because I didn't want to seem rude and dashing off all the time. We really liked Cornwall and know we will go back another time. Whether or not it is when the in-laws go out there or not, that is still up in the air. It is also nice to see how other people holiday, even if it is different from the way you do things.

My in-laws like the Polzeath area of Cornwall. They spent their honeymoon here and just started to spend their summers here when they went back for their 40th anniversary (cute isn't it!?!?).

We stayed in the National Trust cottages which are very nice but a bit on the pricey side for us. We West Cottage (it was the only NT property that allowed dogs to stay in the area) whilst they stayed in the Overhaven. Both were very nice. We decided to book the suggested cottage because it was near to them even though it was kind of a lot for our budget but we saw it as a one-off. I have since looked and there are a lot of properties that allow dogs at different budgets. My in-laws book their holiday a year in advance. You don't need to do this but the sooner you book it the better. Cornwall is a very highly visited place, so if you can book before the universities and schools are out, you can save money.

I loved Cornwall. I always tell Mr B that I want to retire in a thatched cottage in the North Norfolk Broads but now I am considering Cornwall as it is beautiful and much warmer than Norfolk!

The area that we stayed had many walks. I got up in the morning and Dusty and I went for a run
along the coast. Mr B, Bug, Dusty and I went out and just wandered along the paths. My in-laws told me that puffins are out on some of the islands but we were unable to see any.

We went down to the beach and my sisters-in-laws and Mr B went body boarding, whilst Bug and I built sand castles. Everyone that was in the ocean was wearing a wetsuit. So I have come to the
conclusion (and Mr B agrees) that the seas here are not warm enough to just go for a swim in a bathing suit. That is the reason that the British go to Spain, France, Greece and Italy for holiday.

The one thing I did plan was to go to the Eden Project. I am going to write another post about that. One thing is it is expensive to get in but better to get Tescos Clubcard Vouchers rather than pay cash. This was a great thing we went to when it was raining. Cornwall is green as it is because it rains a lot!

Unfortunately our holiday ended on a low note. Our car would not start so we had to wait for assistance, tow truck and rental car. This made for a very long day. This is why you should have AA or some sort of assistance.

A lot of people want to know the dog friendliness of Cornwall. There were a lot of paths to take Dusty on but because of livestock, he needed to be on the lead. Most beaches do not allow them between March and October. This is a great website to read before you go.

Personally, I think that Cornwall is too big of a fish to tackle on a weekend. Its better to come down for a week or two and then hit it up. It takes 5.5 hours just to get to the place we were staying so you waste a day there and back just on traveling.

Here are the pictures from my trip.

All the Best!

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