Eden Project

Ever since I knew we were going on holiday to Cornwall, I knew we were going to visit the Eden Project. But you know how crafty I am so I was not willing to pay full price! It is not a cheap attraction as it is £25 an adult!

I got my vouchers from my Tescos Clubcard points because it is better to use them on things to do than actual groceries. This was a recommended place from a fellow American expat. It is a relatively new place with it only just celebrating its 15th birthday this year.

I loved it here.  It was built in a clay pit. The Eden Project was meant to show the importance of plants and our impact on the world. There are two different domes which are two different climates, the Mediterranean and Rainforest.  So one is dry and the other is very moist.

We liked the Rainforest Dome more than the other. It is by far the biggest dome. There are cooling rooms as it is very hot. We were unable to go to the observation level because only infants that can walk can go. There were winding paths and animals. It was all so breathtaking.

We brought our our lunches but there is a large cafe for lunch. As you may know, I live with a food allergy which makes eating out a bit difficult. But you would be alright not packing a lunch. In fact, it smelt so good, I almost asked if they could alter their burritos so I could have one!

It was raining too hard for us to enjoy the gardens outside but everything was beautiful!

I think this really appealed to me. I am already on the track to owning less (I still try to keep to this even with Bug), growing my own food and reduce my impact on the environment.

They also have exhibitions in The Core that highlight our impact on the environment.

I highly recommend this place if you are in the area!

See my pictures here!

All the Best!

American to Britain