Snettisham Park

I got the opportunity to visit Snettisham Park. Originally I chose to take Jane and her grandson but
the weather was so bad that we could not go on the deer safari ride. Otherwise we really enjoyed ourselves. We got to feed the goats which were very friendly. Jack also got to collect eggs and help weigh them for sale. This was so interesting. The farm portion of the visit was more than enough.

But they allowed me to keep my pass to return another time since there was too much flooding on the day that we visiting.

Snettisham Park is a really nice place. It has a great tea room so you don't have pack a lunch, but if you do, they have picnic tables at the back. They also had a great playground that Mr B had to keep me from playing on.

There are lambs to pet and goats to feed and much more! Here is the schedule so you don't miss a thing!

So when I went back with Mr B and Bug we ate lunch fed the goats and then we went on the 45 minute deer safari ride. To be honest, I thought we were going to be driven to see the deer parks and then head back. Instead we actually got to feed them. They come right up to the trailer and you hand feed them. It was great! I think Bug thought it was just a bigger Dusty than normal.

This was a great day out for family. I think you could make it a full day thing with the farm, lunch and the ride.

I really loved the deer park! See my pictures here.

All the Best!

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