The Green Britian Centre

Although I am not the greenest person in the world, I do try my best to do what I can. I am still hanging in there with the cloth diapers! I have had the Green Britain Centre on my radar for a while and when I drove past it on my way to Castle Acre, I thought we could stop there on the way back.

I was unable to go to the top of the windmill because I had Bug with me at the time. Children need to be at least 7 years old. So I know that I will be coming back again. I am fascinated by the ones we see around here. I can't remember seeing many when I was back home. I can only imagine how great the view is up there! Did you know Britain is the windiest country in Europe?

The windmill tour is the only thing that you need to pay for. The tour takes place at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm daily. The Green Britain Centre is open weekdays 10am to 4pm and weekends during July and August.

There are displays about our impact on the earth and what we can do. They have the fastest wind powered vehicle on earth, organic gardens, shop and cafe. The cafe serves organic and locally sourced food whenever possible and some of it comes from their very own garden! We had lunch here and it was yummy!

I think that this is a great way to educate children on ways we can help save the planet and our resources. See more pictures here.

Perhaps once I get my garden finally sorted, I will shared my pictures. Its been an ongoing process but nearly there!

All the Best!

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