Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life

Bug and I were very lucky to visit the Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life a couple of weeks ago.

I had been to Thetford a few years ago when Jane and I were first setting up our business. But the museum wasn't well known to me then.

I am so happy that Bug and I were able to visit this place because I have known that historically Thetford was very important (I even wrote about the nuns in the area for my history degree).

So while it is very easy to pass by this place without knowing it is there, you will wish you would not have. This museum is cleverly laid out to capture even the youngest of audiences attention to its importance. Because I am a lover of the Tudor period, the Hall itself is enough to please me but they have been able to engage the children that will visit them.

If you are coming here with children, they will really love the displays upstairs. They show the history of the past occupants and have clothes for the children to try on. They also highlight the history of Thetford itself. I think that this is important in order to understand our presence. I was very surprised how much Thetford has expanded over time.

One of my favorite things was Mrs Newton's 1901 Kitchen. It shows

This museum also holds regular events for all ages. Its best to check their Facebook page for what is going on. They have a weekly Mini Museum Club which is held every Thursday for little ones.

All the Best!

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