Bottisham Airfield Museum

The Bottisham Airfield Museum is a labour of love for a group of volunteers. It is their way of preserving the past. East Anglia was littered with airfields during World War II. Bottisham is no different and one thing I love about these museums is because you can see the dedication.

Bottisham Airfield opened in 2009 and the Royal Air Force, United States 8th Army Air Force, and Belgian Air Forces operated out of this base. Once a year, they open the doors to visitors to share in the history of this place. I try to advertise for them on my Facebook page.

I know that there are members of the bases that are contributing to the preservation of the buildings here.

You can see my pictures from the last open weekend that they had here.

If you are available for the next one, it is worth a stop.

All the Best!

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