I have been out and about in Cambridge more lately. I love this time of year. It is a different world when it gets dark and it reminds me why I love living here. I just find England to be beautiful and it seems strike a cord with my heart.

I disgress…

Another way to experience Cambridge is to attend an Evensong at one of the college chapels. They are open to the public. These are a nice alternative to waiting in line at Kings College on Christmas Eve and give you an insight to the beauty of the chapels that you don’t get to experience when you are just there for a visit to look around. I like going to services like this because the buildings are designed for worship and even if you are not religious, you can see how people were moved to worship here.

Here are the times and days you will find Evensong at the colleges in Cambridge. Please check the websites for current information. Most run during term time only.

Trinity College- Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:15pm
St John’s College- Everyday 6:30pm- Famous college choir sings Tues-Sat
King’s College- Monday-Saturday 5.30pm, 10:30 am and 3:30pm Sunday. Monday- King’s Voices (mixed voices); Wednesdays Men’s Only and full choir the other days.

I hope that this will give you an idea of something to do in Cambridge in the evening.

All the Best!

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