Radio is still a big deal here

I have been thinking about this topic since it showed up in an observation of an American tourist. I think they are right, it is still big here much more than perhaps in the US in my recollection. I know that it plays a bit part in our lives and I don't think that it is dissimilar to the British people I know (in fact, it often comes up as a topic of conversation- things we heard on the radio).

I start my day with the radio on. I mainly listen to BBC Radio Four, which is talk, news and drama. It is really diverse. I have some of their shows download as podcasts to my phone which I listen to as I fall asleep. I love their dramas! Just beforewarned that drama around 2 pm on Radio Four are not always children friendly.

If Mr B is home, he will turn it to BBC Radio Five Live. They do all live shows so they have call in shows in the morning and sometimes cover any sports being played. I like to listen to both Four and Five Live because the audiences are different so the point of views are as well. Makes me feel more rounded.

As for listening to music, I am a little old, but I love Radio 1. When I first arrived, I used to listen to this while I worked on base. It was just when Fearne Cotton (love her and her style!) became a DJ and I loved the morning show with Chris Moyles. I do like Nick Grimshaw, but its just not the same.

Recently I have discovered Absolute Radio which doesn't play any repeats. I also listen to Heart Cambridgeshire which is local (and recorded in my village).

A lot of people find that they talk a lot more on the radio here than perhaps in the US. On BBC channels, there will not be any advertisements which is nice. I like that every hour you get updated on the news from around the world and in the mornings and afternoons you get travel updates which is handy when trying to get somewhere on time.

Also unlike in the US, the DJs have their own style of music so if they are moved because someone is on holiday, they don't curtail the music they play to the DJ's audience, they stick to their own style.

But at work, we listen to the radio all day long, its better than silence!

We even leave the radio on for the cat and dog.

Now we don't turn on the T.V. until Bug is in bed but up until then, there is always a radio on in the background.

Do you listen to radio over here?

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