Why you must file for a refund if your train is delayed

In March, Bug and I were meant to travel to London to meet up with my friend and her baby. Bug was born on her due date and her baby was born on mine and we are both from Colorado! I ordered the tickets online ahead of time from Trainline.com because I travel out from Waterbeach and it is usually cheaper online since it is not a manned rail station. Anyways, I printed out my tickets and got on the platform only to find that my train was delayed due to a signaling failure.

We waited and waited and then the train was cancelled. The next train was due in 20 minutes and by that time we had been standing out in the 42ºF for 40 minutes and Bug was only six months old. Waterbeach station has very little shelter so I decided to call it a day and try again another day.

You may be entitled to a refund if your train is delayed. This even applies when you have a ticket where you can take any train running on that line. Here is the place to find the train operator and their delay compensation policy.

Also another thing that I did not know was that if you do not take your journey, you can return your tickets to get a portion back unlike flight tickets. Usually they just take a £10 administration fee.

They say that £1bn goes unclaimed by passengers for delays. Not only are we entitled to it, it would teach them to start providing a better service. There are steps being taken to refund automatically especially for season ticket holders. So make sure you get your money back!

In the end, I received a Delay Repayment in vouchers from the train company and then I got a full refund in vouchers from Trainline.

All the Best!

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