Ely Candlemas

Ely Cathedral's Candlemas is an annual event on 2 February that celebrates the presentation of Jesus to the Temple which is done 40 days after the baby is born. The Feast of the Presentation is one of the oldest to be celebrated in the church.

Traditionally in the UK, they remove their decorations by the twelfth night but in other countries, they remove them on Candlemas.

At Ely Cathedral, they have over 5,000 candles lit. I think this is a great event to go to  as you definitely see it in a different light.

When it first began, I thought it was very much going to be like the King's College Nine Lessons and Carols, but as it went on, it came into its own. One definite difference is that the choir is mixed with both males and females. Either way, their voices are amazing, but I think anyone who can sing is amazing because I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Because it is in the winter time, I highly recommend dressing warm.

After the service, you are free to wander around and they also give you a glass of wine or non-alcoholic mulled juice.

Jane and I really enjoyed this, and I think that this might become a regular event for me.

Please see more of my pictures here.

All the Best!

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