Valentine's Day

One of my lovely British spouses readers pointed out to me that Valentine's Day is also treated differently than in the US. I had not really thought about this but then again, I don't have children in school here (yet ;) ) so have not experienced the difference in how they deal with this holiday.

So in the US, children make boxes in school to receive your Valentine's Day cards and everyone makes one for everyone else.  You buy a Valentine's Day pack of cards to pass out and of course the traditional decorating the house with Valentine's Day decor like we do for all holidays.

When my lovely reader brought this topic up to me, it made me think back when I was at Sainsbury earlier in the week and remarked to myself how little the display was for Valentine's Day items. So how do they do it differently here? Really the only person that they get Valentine's Day cards or presents for is the one you love romantically. Unlike in the US, where the grandparents and parents also give you Valentine's Day cards, you only get it from your crush, husband/wife, partner or girl/boyfriend.

St Valentine is the saint of courtly love. He secretly married people because this emperor, Claudias, would not allow young people to marry because it was thought that unwed soldiers were better than married ones because they were more focused on fighting rather than their families. So St Valentine married them in secret. He became a martyr when he was beaten, stoned, and decapitated as his punishment for his stance on Christian marriage in 296 AD.

So this is a holiday for lovers not just everyone you love. They do still go out to eat to celebrate so look for deals. Mr B and I only exchange cards.

All the Best!

American to Britain