Cambridge Literary Festival

The Cambridge Literary Festival is an event that is held twice a year, spring and winter. It is a place where authors come together and talk about their books and you can buy them and get it signed.

I did happen to get into a few talks the following day on a range of topics that I am interested such as spending and happiness (How much is enough?), a Victorian woman's diary that lead to her disgrace (Mrs Robinson's Disgrace, which Kate said was doing well in America when I spoke with her) and Andrew Marr's, A History of the World, which was a program I was following on the BBC and it just so happens that I had bought another book of his to learn more about the history of Britain which has helped me out with this blog.

I quite like the environment that Cambridge has. I feel like its a chance for me to take part in the culture that is available. There are so many interesting avenues that this city holds that its a shame that we only have one life to do it all in and I am starting in my thirties!

Anyways, if you are a keen reader or love to be in this type of environment, this is for you and chances are you will see me there. 

All the Best!

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