Royal Society Summer Exhibition

Recently I moved positions due to a restructure which means that the students I work with are doing a different sort of work from my previous ones. So when they asked that I accompany them on a trip to the Royal Society Summer Exhibition so that they can get ideas for their own application the following year, I said “yes, of course!”. They were going on my day off and they allowed me to bring Bug along.

I know a few of Royal Society fellows through my work. 

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is held in the Royal Society which is off The Mall. I have walked by this so many times and didn’t even know it was here! It is a free annual event where you can see the amazing research that is being done in the UK. There are 22 exhibitions and talks being held. It is targeted for all ages and whilst Bug had a great time with some of the things on show, I would suggest children at age 5 and older attend to make the most of it. Bug is very good and they did try to keep her engaged, she was even tweeted a few times, but I think older children would love this. They also will love all the gifts they will get to take home. This is a fantastic event for those children and adults who love science.

This is a new annual event that I will be adding to my newsletter.

All the Best!

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