Warwick Castle

I visited Warwick Castle with my family when they were visiting in May. This is a castle which is more of a tourist attraction rather than just a castle like Framlingham.

We made this a weekend with a trip to  Stratford-Upon-Avon the day before.

Recently I have been reading Phillipa Gregory's books and this played a part several times.

It was a great day out and one that I will be doing again when Bug is a bit older.

My family did the Castle Dungeon and they really enjoyed it. 

We spent around 4 hours here and left only because it really started to rain.

It will be very busy on Bank Holidays so plan for that- especially if the weather is nice!

See my pictures here

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  1. It's a fabulous place, though I agree that it's a tourist trap in many respects. In some ways, I prefer atmospheric ruins - but then it's good to have grand, restored, picture-perfect castles as well; can't have too many castles... :-)


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