Fountain Abbey

We recently went up to Wetherby to visit some of Mr B's friends from uni. I always try to make the most of any trip.

I had looked into what was in the area and Fountain Abbey popped up over and over again of a top site to go to. It ended up being a great day out!

At one time it was one of the most powerful religious houses in the country. There were 13 disaffected monks from St Mary's Abbey in York who began to build this abbey in 1132.

They have a great playground for little ones to play one. It is a very steep path leading down to the abbey- I had to persuade Bug that perhaps Mummy should carry her scooter until we got down to the bottom. They only allow children age seven and under to have scooters here.

The abbey was beautiful! My friends and I really enjoyed walking around the grounds and Bug really like jumping in the puddles as it rained over night.

We had lunch and a coffee at the restaurant and headed out for another walk as Bug took her nap. There are also tearooms further into the properties but we visited here in November

The grounds are a great place for this. If you come to visit, I suggest at least allotting 3 hours to get a taste but we were there for 5 hours and did not cover all of the grounds.

This is a National Trust property but those with English Heritage also get free entry.

See more of my pictures here.

All the Best!

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