5 things I am looking forward to in February

Dear Readers

I thought I might try writing about what you might see me do this month.

One thing you will see in an upcoming post is how the British reserve Valentine's Day cards for those that they love in the passionate sense, husband, wife or girl/boyfriend. They do not give out Valentine's cards to everyone in their class. those of you with children in local schools may already know this.

So here are 5 things I am looking forward to in February:

1. Seeing snowdrops- this is the time of year that you might see them everywhere. One of my favorite places to see them is Angelesey Abbey. However I am considering checking out Chippenham Park this year.


2. E-luminate Cambridge Festival- London has its light show in January but Cambridge has theirs in February. you can see the lights from 9-14 February. It is also nice that this time of year it gets darker earlier so you don't have to keep little ones up too late to see this.

3. Visiting South Angle Farm Park- South Angle Farm Park is only open during half term but I can't wait to see some animals again. I like this place because it is local, not too expensive and a great way to spend a few hours. Whilst Wimpole Hall has animals and is free because I am a member, here you get to feed and touch farm animals and reptiles. I am just hoping the weather is good during this time.

4. Going to the V&A Museum of Childhood- I have not been before but Mr B is going to a 40th birthday party in London (it is in the Alcotraz bar- so we can't go) and I want to get out of the house so I thought we would go to London as well.My friend said it is great!

5. Finally, I will spend a half day with my sisters-in-law at the Quy Mill Imagine Spa. Some people get people presents that they think the receiver would like. I quite fancied a pamper session so I got them ones too for Christmas so we had to go together. This way Mr B didn't have to buy me a present. The have really done up the place but I think that the last time I was here was the day my waters broke with Bug.

What are you looking forward to?

 All the Best!

American to Britain