5 things I am looking forward to in June

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But here are 5 things I am looking forward to in June:

  1. Driving to the beach and playing in the sand. There are not many proper sandy beaches but my favourite one is Brancaster Beach
  2. The paddling pools and splashpads in Cambridge will be on! They will be ready for use from 28 May to the last bank holiday in August. https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/swimming-and-paddling-pools 
  3. Taking part in the #30dayswild- I got a pack from the Wildlife Trust and I have made a list of ideas in how to get involved http://www.mywildlife.org.uk/30dayswild/ 
  4. Open Farm Sunday- I love seeing farms that aren't open all of the time.
  5. PYO Strawberries- Bug was too little last year so I think we will go do this and maybe make jam and wine out of the.
What plans do you have?

All the Best!

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