How I plan pitstops when we travel

As you may see, I am not keen to travel more than 1.5 hours away and return in the same day. I do this for many reasons. One, I don't think that it is fair to keep child in the carseats too long. Luckily for me, we still have naps so I can plan around that. Two, I am still planning around naps and if Bug is tired- she is unpleasant to be around (much like her mother Mr B says!). Three, I worry about getting overtired when driving especially when I am on my own. Four, we are potty training and I want to keep the accidents to a minimum. So if I am going to go on a journey, I book a place overnight and then try to make the most of being in the local are.

I was recently planning our trip to and from Dorset (3 hours 45 minutes from home) for an upcoming trip. I use Google Maps for this but the problem I was having was planning pit stops. I knew that the farthest I could get away in the morning without any issues is an hour.

This is the route we are taking:

I have been here a while but I wouldn't necessarily be able to tell you if something was hour away by looking at it, so I right-click on the route and select add destination.

Then you can click on the route information on the left and see how long it will take to reach that destination from the last one. Then you can drag and drop as necessary. 

Then I zoom in on the area around the destination to see the closest town/city and then I search the National Trust and English Heritage websites (I have memberships to both) from that town/city to see what is nearby. If that does not come up with something interesting, then I will search in that area on Tripadvisor etc.

Furthermore because I like to be prepared, I made a list of properties in 30 minute increments in case we were desperate for a break. That is just me being overcautious. I am lucky that Bug will nap from 2-3 hours so once we have the first stop, we should only need one more before reaching our destination.

I thought this might be helpful for others trying to do the same thing.

All the Best!

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