Moor Valley Country Park

We contacted our friends that live near Southampton when we decided we were going to Dorset on holiday.

They suggested that we meet at Moor Valley Country Park as it was between the locations.

It turned out to be the perfect place to spend a day.

Moor Valley Country Park is run by Forest Commission who is the same company who runs High Lodge and it is a good as High Lodge is.

They have two playgrounds- one is more suitable for younger children. We also looked for the Gruffalo sculptures. It is suitable to bring bikes and scooters.

We also rode the Moors Valley Railway there which is a small train steam or diesel train. The ride is 20 minutes long and perfect for those crazy about trains.

I really liked the cafe because they serve dairy free lattes! There are also picnic areas, so you can also pack your lunch too.

Dogs are allowed and there are some areas where they do not have to be kept on leads.

This is a perfect place to stop at if you are in the area.

 All the Best!

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