Tips for Using Cambridge North

Usually I don't recommend using the train station in Cambridge unless you live in the city. I live just outside of Cambridge and I tend to use Waterbeach but I park at my sailing club for free and walk down to the station. You can still park on the High Street in Waterbeach and walk to the station.

On Monday, I went to London with Bug. I booked tickets to go from Cambridge North as I intended on cycling to the station. Last minute I decided that I needed my umbrella stroller because Bug still naps so we needed to drive to the station.

I actually was quite impressed with the place but I thought I would make a list of some points that people need to consider when using this station:

  • There are no parking machines so you have to buy the tickets at the machine where you buy the train tickets. Alternately, I would recommend registering an account with NCP online ( because it can take up to 5 minutes over the phone and I just like to park and go.
  • There are three ticket machines but two of them were out of order so I would give yourself enough time to get from the car to the train.
  • There are lifts/elevators at this station but they were broken the day I went so I carried the stroller and Bug walked up and down the stairs.
  • It is situated very close to the A14 but is near the Cambridge Science Park so depending upon what time you are using this station you can expect a bit of traffic at peak times.
  • There are toilets/baby changing facilities here.
  • Also a great option if you have visitors who will be taking the train from the airport etc as driving to the Cambridge station can be so busy and there is no cost difference between which station you get off at.
At the moment the parking charge is only £5 (£3 on weekends) until 21 August 2018.

Then it goes to:
Mon-fri 24 hours £8.00
Weekend daily rate £5.00
Weekly ticket £35.00
Bank holiday £5.00

All the Best!

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