7/7 Bombings

It’s is easy to think that America has been the only victim of terrorist attacks after 9/11 but on 7 July 2007, four suicide bombers set off 4 bombs and 52 people killed and over 700 injured in central London.

This was the deadliest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom since the Lockerbie bombings and deadliest bombing since WWII. It also killed more people than any single attack by the IRA (Irish Republican Army). I will write more about the IRA when I read up on it but the Irish pubs in Boston and New York channeled money over to the IRA which supported The Troubles.

One bomb went off on the underground (tube) just as it left the Liverpool Street station near the Monument to the Great Fire 1666. Another at Edgeware Road Station near Madame Tussauds and one that was between King’s Cross and Russell Square. The final bomb went off on a double decker bus in Tavistock Square, near King’s Cross.

Two weeks later on 21 July 2005, a second series of bombings took part on the London underground. However, none of the main detonators went off so luckily no one was killed. All of the failed suicide bombers escaped but were later arrested.

Although it was not on the same level of devastation, the British have also been targets for terrorism. They are also fighting alongside our troops. Please take a moment on this day in memory of all innocent victims of terrorism.

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Note: This was written before the recent attacks in Europe in 2016-2017. I am aware that people are more informed about things like this due to the growth of social media.
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