Why Don't the English Celebrate the 4th of July

I remember the first time I took my English husband to his first fourth of July celebration and when my jaw dropped as an American asked him the question "Why don't the British celebrate the 4th of July?".  I thought the answer was quite obvious but I suppose it isn't for some people. My husband jokes that they should celebrate getting rid of us!

As Americans, we celebrate the 4th of July because it is the day in 1776 we adopted the Declaration of Independence which was finally signed by all members on 2 August 1776. The colonists felt that they wanted to become independent because George III, the King in Great Britain was raising their taxes and increasing the rules that they had to follow.

The reason why I think it is obvious is because as Americans we would not celebrate the Independence of Guam or other territories that we have. 

But don't worry there will be plenty of celebrating here on the bases, but they have made it only a base event because of this planned terrorist attack. http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/man-charged-with-planning-terrorist-attack-on-us-military-bases-in-the-uk-1-4161717

Happy Fourth of July!!!

All the Best!

American to Britain