Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey

Around this time of year, people start asking where to drive to see the lights. Whilst it is becoming increasing popular over here to decorate your house for Christmas, there still are not very many places that I would recommend one to go for a drive around.

The Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey was one of my favourite light shows I have been to. The 18,000 tickets go on sale in July and sell out very quickly. I do try to remind people to book early. I am also happy that they limit the amount of people because it allowed us to enjoy our visit and not feel rushed by the herd to move on. We spent 2 hours here. It didn't feel too busy.

They had some refreshments along the way. The pulled pork sandwiches were very good and so was the mulled wine (one of my favourite things about this time of year). This was in an area that had a live band (which was very good) and also Peter and the Wolf.

Bug and Mr B enjoyed the doughnuts while we listened to music at another stop.

Dress very warm! Sweaters, thermals, scarves, gloves, hats, wellies, boots and thick socks are a must! The day we went it wasn't as cold as it has been but it was still chilly.

This is now on the list as something we will do every year. It was a magical evening. So you will have to beat me for a ticket! At first I thought that the tickets were expensive but I think they are well worth the money.

See my photos here.

All the Best!

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