5 things I am looking forward to in August

Gosh, the summer has been really flying by! I see many American children have already gone back to school which seems so early to me because I remember going back in the first week of September:

  1. Having friends come to visit- my friend is coming to stay with me while Mr B goes to Iron Maiden with his mate. Then we have other friends coming for the weekend. This means a lot of days out!
  2. Taking Bug to The tiger Who Came to Tea.  I got the tickets from Kids Week so Bug was free! 
  3. Getting my caravan up and ready for some last minute trips. We have a caravan at our sailing club but it has been deteriorating for some time. I finally convinced Mr B that we get one that is roadworthy so we can take small trips with everyone in tow! I managed to find one and it turns out he knows some people in common. Pictures to come soon!
  4. Bug and Mummy trip- I have a few days holiday to use up so Bug and I are headed to Norfolk and staying in a B & B so that we are closer to the coast. It is such a far drive from Cambridge, it puts me off since we still have naps.
  5. Dusty recover from his operation. Dusty was born with cataracts and the Animal Health Trust replaced the lens in his left eye 5 years ago but recently the pressure in his eye has increased and he has lost his sight. They removed his eye earlier this week and he is recovering. But he will be happier without the pain any more.
So nothing too exciting but we still seem to be so busy!

All the Best!

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