Creake Abbey

Bug and I visited this while we had a 3 day break in North Norfolk. I stopped here after our long drive from Castle Acre to our accommodation and then onto Creake Abbey as she was still taking her nap.

We had a very light lunch at Castle Acre so we needed something more substantial when we arrived at Creake Abbey. I had looked into this place before we left and saw that they also had a cafe and shop here so thought that would do. The food was really good and it was a great place to stop for a potty break as well.

After that we headed to the Creake Abbey ruins. I found out about this place in the English Heritage book and so I made a note as something to visit when we were in the area.

It is a an Augustinian abbey church. It first suffered a fire in the 15th century and the plague depleted the population until the abbot died alone. It was closed in 1506.

All the Best!

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